Provoked Thoughts #2

This continues my weekly series on things I saw that tickled my noggin. There are a lot more JUST FOR FUNSIES this time. And yes, I realize I definitely missed a week. OOPS.

SPOILERS I watch LotR videos way too often oooooops sorry NOT SORRY.

Blooming flowers are obviously VERY PERTINENT to my interests lately.

Instagram worst social media app for young people’s mental health

I always take these articles with a grain of salt but I thought it was interesting!


This, curiously, was in a graphic novel biography I didn’t like but it PROVOKED SOME THOUGHTS if you know what I mean. Free speech is one of those curious things for me wherein I think it’s very important but also how uncomfortable or problematic it can be at times. Case and point, the lady this biography is about was an anarchist (the political party) and some of the things she said were…sketchy. Very sketchy. Borderline criminal? But also getting abused and locked up for exercising your free speech is BAD. So yeah. Free speech. It’s surprisingly complicated?

Not every new beekeeper needs a mentor

Good notes for everyone who is looking for a mentor or thinking about becoming one. I have never had a “real” mentor…I tried it a few times in game development but it always fell through, which was definitely mostly my fault. Finding a good match in any industry or hobby seems HARD. Then again, I am not the easiest to get along with.

Somehow this reminds me of this most dear clip from Brooklyn 99:

Devin shared a video with me this week that’s going viral of ducklings jumping off a platform into a pond. I told him THAT WAS NOTHING, and realized he’s never seen how several waterfowl species nest in trees and expect their tinies to jump to their what-seems-very-assured deaths.

So Nerdwriter1 is ONE OF MY FAVORITE youtubers, probably because he does amazing videos on LotR (yeah, I’m a one trick pony). But I thought this was also very interesting.

I should have more articles but I’M NOT SO GOOD AT READING LATELY. OOPS.


2 thoughts on “Provoked Thoughts #2

  1. Clearly I need more LOTR videos in my life. I need more LOTR in my life, period.

    I feel like Hank with a flower around his neck is his true form.

    Re instagram: I understand what they’re saying and I agree it’s a pretty dangerous medium to over-expose yourself to
    Personally, Instagram is my favorite social media because there’s a lot less anger (and politics). I love seeing the pretty photos of flowers and books and vacations. XD For my own feed, I’ve made an effort since I’ve been back to not get TOO crazy staged, because 1. I’m not good at it and 2. I feel too dishonest. So mostly it’s just me vomit-imaging my life.
    um ok bye

    free speech, man. I keep readjusting my view on what free speech is. On the one hand I think people should be able to say 100% what they want, but on the other, if they’re abusing that right to hurt people, that shouldn’t be okay. But then you have to start defining “hurtful” speech and it gets SO COMPLICATED BECAUSE PEOPLE.

    AWWWW SANTIAGO. Her little “whaaa?” kills me XD


    lol this Blade Runner video is so on-brand for you. Very interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, fair. I liked instagram the most because it was an artistic outlet for me, but I think the “KIDS” use it very differently. XD


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