Sunday Project: DUCK HOUSE

After a tragedy in the bee yard (blog impending) we moved on to the NEXT crisis: duck housing. I had made a frame on Thursday/Friday out of scrap lumber but got stuck on the plywood bit. See, no truck makes it hard to get lumber of any size.


Me, every day.

ANYWAY, today it was do or die. Spoilers: we didn’t die, but IT WAS CLOSE. If you’re using scrap lumber make sure you don’t accidentally hit nails or screws with a circular saw. Just…saying.

We got some plywood, sawed it in half to fit it into the car, and then played a lot of lumber tetris, but we managed to get something slapped together enough to work. I like making things that look like you know, someone tried. But for this, I DID NOT CARE. So it could, and it DOES, look like a patchwork quilt. Wait, no, patchwork quilts look nice. Like if a quilter tried to patchwork wood into an architectural monstrosity.

ANYWAY, it’s done, the ducks are happy, and actually I’m surprisingly pleased with the design? The top has a LOT of ventilation (which is probably too much but also ducks are the pigs of the poultry world sooo), which also means one can look in without disturbing anyone WHICH IS FUN.



I also learned from Devin’s A-frame “rabbit tractor” (or…quail tractor as it is now) that doors are very important. Mostly, if you ever want to be able to grab little wiggly animals, you have to make smart door decisions. So, while it disrupts the roofing something awful, I made the door NICE AND BIG and it just swings up and rests to be open and swings down to close. We’ll see if it holds up but DANG I like it. Easy access for food and water too. I guess if you didn’t want the things ever getting out this would be a bad solution, but these little goofs will be getting let out this week to free range so I think it’ll be nice.



We definitely…weren’t great at measuring stuff, and less great at having lumber that fit said measurements…but…it all worked out. Also I had little “handles” that can be used to lift the thing. Once again, despite my best intentions, it is INSANELY HEAVY. We just…build heavy things. HEAVY BUILT PEOPLE WE ARE. It’s moveable though, so once they tromp down one area it can be moved a smidge over to clean ground. That’s really the only way to do it in my opinion. The chicken coop we bought (pictured below, behind Devin) does NOT move (easily) and that thing IS A PAIN. The run is entirely useless because the main building can’t be moved so the run gets destroyed in a few days and nothing can be done about it (except to just remove it and let them run freeeeee).


It’s not pretty but it’s MUCH prettier than the cage they’ve outgrown and soil IMMEDIATELY after cleaning.

Anyway, there’s not any meat to this blog post but yeah. WE DID A THING.

And no, “Project Sundays” will not be a regular thing. I wish it was but also I’m a realist. ^_^


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