Around the Farm (April/May)

I don’t have a farm. But that’s okay. I’m going to pretend. Hopefully you enjoy these pictures and explanations of my farm that’s not a farm. ;P

I was running some errands and happened to drive past where I went to preschool – low and behold there was someone sitting there with FREE PLANTS. SO MANY. It was the most exciting thing.



The chickens started roosting. IT IS STUPID CUTE. I don’t even like chickens, ya’ll, why am I getting attached to their dumb little jerky personalities??


What a bunch of dummies.


Finn turned 5 and we celebrated with yogurt. Spoilers: I actually cleaned out the fridge and there was expired yogurt. I didn’t buy it for him. Don’t tell though.


I cannot even with how cute the ducks are. Just, always. THEY ARE GETTING SO BIG YOU HAVE NO IDEA.


Speaking of cuties…Brego and I had to get some selfies in.

Can you tell I REALLY enjoy taking pictures of bees?


I decided to steal some of my parents’ Camas from their pasture to try and cultivate in my lawn. In case you don’t know about Camas plants: they are in the asparagus family, and were used by the natives for food. After the plants die back their bulbs would be dug and roasted in a fire to create something sweeter than a sweet potato or they would be dried and ground to use as flower. I once lived in a city named after the flower, supposedly because when the pioneers came over the mountains they thought the valley was a huge lake because all the blooming Camas flowers were so thick and expansive. They are beautiful and bees love them. I have yet to try eating them but some day I want to. NOTE: there is another called a “death camas” which is white and yes, will kill you. So…be careful, as always.



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