Provoked Thoughts #1

I recently gave up a lot of social media. Which is great! But also weird for keeping track of and sharing thought-provoking articles, books, videos, and ideas. So, I’m going to try out having a weekly blog post of “things I thought were interesting this week.” 

Women Are Dying Because Doctors Treat Us Like Men

This is pretty on-brand for me but WOW. Just WOW. This article blew my mind and unfortunately also made me trust healthcare even LESS. I thought it was just going to be about how they ignore women’s pain, and while it is, apparently there are TONS of other fun things they do to undermine women’s health. COOL COOL.

How Late-Night Comedy Fueled the Rise of Trump

This was a brutal check of both the right and left of our political establishment. And I feel somehow worse about what we’ve become as a country.

Nearly 40% Never Give Positive Reinforcement

This short post resonated with me a lot this week both because I am TERRIBLE at giving positive reinforcement and because I’ve felt very criticized recently. Not a ton of meat here but a good reminder to myself to be encouraging others, not beating them down.

It’s not elites vs. populists. It’s cities vs. the countryside.

Another interesting exploration of the political divide. (Can you tell I’m tired of writing descriptions for these already?)

Why Germans need far less supervision at work than Americans

“…there is little cooperation between employer and employee in the US, that US employees are not protected properly against redundancy, and that investment is made primarily in academic education.”

Mary Edwards Walker – The Only Woman Ever To Receive The Medal Of Honor


“However in 1917 Congress revised the criteria for the Medal of Honor to include only those involved in active combat. This decision resulted in 910 recipients including Mary being asked to hand back their medals. Mary refused and continued to wear it until her death two years later at the age of 86.”

America: taking medals back from dead women since 1919. Then realizing they made a terrible mistake and re-awarding it later. Oh my head.

Why math is strangling videogame morality

A look at morality systems in past games. It’s interesting because while I agree that it shouldn’t be summed up by a number, it’s DANG HARD to develop a system like that. Also TAMW I really don’t want to play the Witcher 3 but gosh darn it every article I read talks about some other cool system they managed to pull off in that game.



4 thoughts on “Provoked Thoughts #1

  1. The link for Mary Edwards Walker took me to an article about Napoleon’s blockade on Britain???

    Cities vs country is so real and so sad.

    In the supervision article: “It argues that there is little cooperation between employer and employee in the US, that US employees are not protected properly against redundancy, and that investment is made primarily in academic education.” It’s true. Bleh.

    Positive reinforcement: I’ve been noticing this a LOT at my workplace in the last few months. We’ve made huge ground in quality control and lessening errors, and yet….no one is happier. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you don’t make – you don’t get points for that. But you mess up one thing, and you will hear about it all week (I’m not talking about just me, haha! I see it happen to other people also all the time). And yeah it’s really depressing. I make an effort to thank people for their work but there’s not a lot else I can do.

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      • Yeah! I finally finished it! Now I can get around to watching that Star Wars movie. The 2nd one. Supposedly, according to rumor, Darth Vader is somehow related to Luke?!? I’ll believe it when I see it…

        I am behind on playing computer games and watching movies, but not that far behind. 🙂

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