Winter Garden Prep: Seed Trays & Cloches

I’ve been pretty bad at my winter garden clean-up lately. I mean…it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s icy and I can stay inside.

That being said, today was unexpectedly not rainy and I’m feeling woefully behind so I got outside to do some pruning. Since it’s recycling day, I was about to take out that when I realized: MY CLOCHES I’M SO BEHIND.


Apparently if you’re the dopest, hipsteriest, and apparently richest(?) gardener, you use glass ones. Which would be awesome until your craze-o Greyhound somehow shattered them all and then bled out in your backyard.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t remember what they were called. I just knew you started with a milk jug (or any sort-of semi-translucent plastic container), cut the bottom off, and stuck the top part over your plants to protect them from any chilly times after planting. HOPEFULLY those chilly times don’t involve snow like the above but after THIS winter, who knows!


Hand me some scissors and call me crafty.

Also, bonus points because you can keep the bottoms for seed trays. BOOM. So, if you’re planning on doing some gardening this year and want to prep some CLOCHES like a BOSS:


…and then share better winter garden prep tips because clearly I’m just managing the bare minimum here.


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