10 Year Goals in Review

My 27th birthday is coming up. Today on a horse ride my mom said, “Well that’s nothing, you brother is turning FORTY.” My response was, “They’re equally bad.” (In other news, I may be turning 27 but I still don’t understand why forty isn’t fourty. It starts a debate in my brain every time. In more other news, if you Google 27 = 40 you get some interesting results. Guns, mostly, but also Matthew 27:40 and something about the Qur’an.)

For some reason John 6:27-40 also comes up, and that actually seems fitting. If that's homebaked bread pictured it'll only last like 7 days before molding. IN MY RECENT EXPERIENCE.

For some reason John 6:27-40 also comes up, and that actually seems fitting. If that’s home baked bread pictured it’ll only last like 6 days before molding. IN MY RECENT EXPERIENCE.

WHY do I think 27 is dreadful? Well, I’ve known a lot of 27 yr olds in my day. They used to be the older and (sort of) wiser of my coworkers who were still around my age. So that has some weird mental trigger, I think. They’re all in their thirties now, which is freakish. (Sorry peeps.)

BUT, more importantly, it’s when my first 10 year goal plan is up. It reads, “In 10 years, when I am 27, I would like to see:” and then lists four things. Like wow, four things. That’s not even hard. Less than one every two years. NO BIG DEAL, RIGHT? Except I’ve really only done one? And that’s just sad.

This was my horse's look of surprise when he found out about my intense 10 year goal failure.

This was my horse’s look of surprise when he found out about my intense 10 year goal failure.

In my defense, they’re not very well defined goals. I could have picked better ones. Smarter ones, even. But I was 17, so I can’t be too hard on myself.

And taking the side of my 17 yr old self, THESE ARE IMPORTANT things. In fact, the one I DID accomplish is probably the least important (and it is on the bottom of the list, as sort of a stretch goal. Actually it even says “possibly.” UGH WHY WAS 17 YR OLD KATIE SO IN TUNE WITH MY THINKING?)

Technically there was sort-of another one as part of the last one, but it’s not written and I didn’t accomplish it anyway so WHATEVER.

I have less than one month to accomplish the following:

  • “My relationship w/ the Lord thriving” – I definitely feel like I’m in a major desert season. Though I’m not sure in good conscience I could point to a time in the past ten years when I felt that this was true? Sheesh, thriving is somehow a strangely specific yet indeterminate word.
  • “doing something I love” – hey it’s not for a lack of trying…or maybe it is, I don’t even know anymore.
  • “using my God given talents with animals & leadership” – I mean, on a technicality, I did do this with 4-H and/or being in a management role but LOL THAT’S NOT TRUE ANYMORE UGH
  • possibly married, to another Christian – *slow clap*

Now, on the same paper is also where I listed my bucket list of sorts…can I use any of those accomplishments as makeup points? No? Well, alright.

EEEEEEESH. Any protips on accomplishing 10 year goals in 24 days?? 😉

(P.S. I like how I used the quarter life crisis category for this but I CAN’T EVEN PRETEND IT’S QUARTER LIFE AFTER I TURN 27 LBR.)


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