Buzzfeed Headlines: Tax Edition

I’m working on taxes. By hand. Because I’m a masochist, apparently. And the IRS is a sadist, so that relationship works out nicely. So before I go back to writing my novel, 1040 Shades of Grey, here are a few Buzzfeed-esque tax article headlines. (Is it bad that I could probably WRITE an article for each of these? Yes? I thought so.)

Buzzfeed would probably use a more exciting tax picture with puppies.

This is hypothetically about how much I could pay TurboTax to file my taxes. All because I was self-employed for two days last year. #NAILINGIT

What tax form are you? Take this quiz to find out!

4 things you NEED to deduct

What you find on Schedule C, line I will SHOCK YOU!

6 signs you’re working on taxes RIGHT NOW

The IRS hates him! See why!

3 tax tricks you need to use when you die

Which Game of Thrones actors use TurboTax in real life?!

12 dogs who file taxes better than you

Celebrity tax tweets you NEED to read

The definitive ranking of tax forms: I couldn’t believe what #2 was!

10 ways to cope with tax season

You won’t BELIEVE who has an effective tax rate of just 17.4 percent for 2010!
(Spoilers it’s Warren Buffet)

Somehow I doubt even Buzzfeed could make tax headlines that anyone would click on. THAT’S A DARE, BUZZFEED. What are YOUR tax headlines??



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