Learning Round-up: Week 1 Review

I said I would do a post-mortem on my experiment last week, so here it is! Note: none of the “products” of this week are really anything to be proud of, and possibly I should be ashamed of them. But in my opinion it’s better to make crap and get practice than make nothing at all. So prepare to be completely underwhelmed and/or to feel better about yourself. ;D

Overall I would call this week a success and I’ll be trying it again in a slightly modified form starting today.

A brave flower blooming in the January sun!

A brave flower blooming in the January sun!


  • Khan Academy:
  • Duolingo:
    • Learned 5(?) German skills, got back up to date with where I left off (Duolingo updated the German course with a bunch of stuff).
  • Science (General):
    • Attended a beekeeping class! It was super great and I learned a lot about bees as well as keeping them. Texted a little with my brother about it since he recently purchased a house with three langstroth hives.
    • Finished reading Thing Explainer and worked on Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age.
    • Worked on taxes? Does that count? It’s math!
  • Art (General):
    • 10 traditional sketches, 1 digital sketch.
    • 8(?) calligraphy bits, 1 coloring…thing.
    • A lot of nature photography for the Facebook #NaturePhotographyChallenge.
    • No fiber arts. 😦 (I feel like that could equally go in Science and Art to be real but unfortunately I didn’t do any.)
  • Language (General):
    • 1 blog post.
    • 1 parody song (but I recorded it!). Warning: really bad singing and also Star Wars spoilers.
    • I kinda failed in this section. Whoops. Though I did do some Vorkosigan listening and comic book reading?
  • Other fun things:
    • I’m legit bad at taking the dogs on a walk, but the nature photography challenge helped goad me into taking them more – everyone was happy about that.
    • JUST DANCE IS STILL MY FAVORITE. That is all. (Best Christmas present Devin has ever given me let’s be real.)

A couple of my Kirby sketches this week, complete with copic marker fun.

Things that worked:

  • Pushing on despite my lack of skill in whatever I was supposed to be doing. Even though the song recording is legit bad, I’m proud that I actually finished it. I’ve attempted something similar before – I always quit five minutes into it depressed because of my voice. I’m not a good singer, but me being down on myself makes it that much worse, so for me it’s nice to have completed it and to see that (in my opinion) I get more comfortable through the song and it gets slightly less bad. PLUS I HAD SO MUCH FUN. And that’s what really matters.
  • FUN. Connected to the above, I usually just feel inferior or get mad at myself for not knowing or being good at something. Last week I just relished everything. Did I feel dumb feeling confused about common core math problems for elementary students? ABSOLUTELY! Once I figured it out did I think it was actually pretty great and helped me do mental math better? YES. This was a no-shame learning week and I LOVED IT. (P.S. Box and whisker plots are weird but the name is kinda adorable.)  (P.P.S. I think every parent who has complained about their kid’s common core math homework should go through that stuff on Khan Academy!)

Semi-inspired by Live Die Repeat (Edge of Tomorrow) aliens. But also clearly not.

Things that didn’t work:

  • Housework kinda went to the wayside in this plan. I didn’t really factor that in at all so it’s a miracle I even got groceries. That’s one of the modifications for this week, especially since I really need to have some time to apply for jobs. It will be interesting to see how this affects the learning productivity (and passion) of the week. If I had been smart I would’ve caught up on the housework this weekend so I could start the week fresh but unfortunately I didn’t which means I’m going into it already behind on chores.
  • Friday was a total bust – earlier in the week Devin had this intense shoulder/neck pain which I later got on Friday which makes me think it may be a virus. It hit me way harder…Friday I pretty much couldn’t move, and even Saturday and Sunday any movement was immensely painful. Heck, even today it’s bad. So that has been unfortunate. However, I did use Friday to read, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Ryan Green, creator of That Dragon Cancer posted this verse in a FB group I’m in. It seemed rather fitting for this week so it was one of my calligraphy pieces.

Overall I give the week an A+. I had fun, I learned a lot, and I YEARNED FOR MORE.


2 thoughts on “Learning Round-up: Week 1 Review

  1. Yes, glimmers here of the child who could not handle getting anything less that 100% on a spelling test!!! glad to see you are developing your having fun skills! and I think your singing voice is lovely btw.


  2. Ok you need to calm down, what is all of this productivity even

    The alien looks like Groot and a Mimic had a baby. A beautiful baby.



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