This Week’s Experiment

This week I’ve decided to try the original plan I had after quitting my job. That was to do art, design, and programming every day. That lasted less than a week as I discovered it’s too hard for me to jump between focuses that frequently. Plus then circumstances made me question game development and the whole thing fell apart.

Random sketch from today.

Random sketch from today.

THIS WEEK, I’ve decided to give it a go again but slightly modified.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Science Monday
  • Art Tuesday
  • Language Wednesday
  • Science Thursday
  • Art Friday

I know, not very descriptive, but I decided I tend to fall between two extremes: NO PLANNING and ALL THE PLANNING. Neither are very productive as my productivity success rate on “NO PLANNING” days is dreadful and I get really cranky on “ALL THE PLANNING” days because I pack so much into it that I inevitably don’t get it all done and then feel depressed. So this week’s experiment is to have a theme for the day and then do what seems interesting and exciting within that theme. Granted, writing this blog post and doing Khan Academy stuff today are both not in the theme, but since I’m excited about it and I just finished with some sketching, I figured FOLLOW THE PASSION. As long as I maintain productive momentum, I’m calling it a win.

SO, a little more detail on the “Science, Art, Language” terms:

  • Science: for this week this is primarily referring to math/programming at Khan Academy and working in Unity.
  • Art: sketching, Blender (3D modeling, animation first up), and painting perchance on Friday. (Note: this also includes calligraphy but I do that every day, or try to.)
  • Language: I didn’t know what to call this section because it’s blogging, poem writing, parody songs, game design work, etc. Technically I guess Duolingo would fall here though I’m going to try and do a little bit every day. But maybe I’ll focus on that here.

Yesterday went really well, and I spent many hours on Khan Academy doing their math courses, as well as starting their SQL course (because why not). Then I was so jazzed that I ended up doing a little Duolingo stuff. I guess technically I also did art stuff if you count the daily calligraphy and then the photography/editing I did during lunch. Maybe I’m still trying to be too siloed. ANYWAY, I’ll do a post-mortem of the experiment on Friday to see how I’ve done. I definitely didn’t factor in chores like grocery shopping or cleaning, so that may end up becoming problematic. We shall see!



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