2016 Resolutions

Oh, resolutions. Every year they seem to lose more of their luster. I used to be the most hardcore about New Years Resolutions, but now I’m rather “MEH” about them.


Unless those resolutions are continuing to look dorky in pictures. That resolution I’m ALL about.

THAT BEING SAID, I actually made myself do them this year. I mean, I have no excuse. So why not? However, since I often forget about them straightaway, I set up a mid-year review on my calendar (June 25th) to see how I’m doing and if I have completed or need to change any.

So, without further ado, 2016’s resolutions:

  • Read 50 books (~1 a week).
    • Hopefully I’ll read a lot more than this, but I wanted to set something that should be achievable with approximately an hour a day of reading time. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Pick a passion & pursue it 100%.
    • I mean…I’ve been trying to do this forever, and this isn’t very defined or possibly achievable, but it’s definitely a mantra I at least want to try and keep in mind.
  • Refine the 5 year plan.
    • Back when I was young, ambitious, and organized, I had plans for EVERYTHING. Even NASA might’ve been proud. Last year was the end of my first 5 year plan and this year is the end of my first 10 year plan. Some things have turned out according to plan, others have not. (Actually I have a pretty good track record, which is concerning since I’ve ended up HERE. Jk. But srsly.) ANYWAY, I’m due for new plans. So that’s a thing.
  • Read through the Bible in a year.
    • I haven’t done this in a while so let’s DO THIS! Though we’re doing this plan that has you read Old/New Testament and Psalms/Proverbs all simultaneously. It’s…interesting. I’ve only done it chronologically in a year before.
  • Write love letters weekly.
    • Devin and I aren’t very good at romance. So at least ONE of us is gonna try to make an effort…hahahah. But seriously, I’m really bad at letting Devin know how much I appreciate and love him, so I’m hoping this will help. I used to write letters to him in high school so that either means it was a great or a terrible idea to recreate.
  • Find a mentor in my chosen passion.
    • Ignoring the part about “what is my chosen profession/passion?!” I think this is an important goal. I’ve always tended to be a dumb loner, but I really need accountability and someone to continuously be challenged by to learn and try new things outside of my comfort zone.
  • Attend beekeeping class.
    • I mean, I think I put this on here as I was registering for a beekeeping class (Jan 28th) so I’m not sure if that’s cheating or…
  • Send Devin to blacksmithing class.
    • I decided Devin should learn blacksmithing. Man at Arms was partially responsible. But whatever, forcing others to have New Years Resolutions can be a New Years Resolution, right? ;D
  • Go to the Small Farm Conference.
    • Oh, I was just wondering if I should register for this, but it appears I MUST BECAUSE THE LIST SAYS SO. That clears THAT up!
  • Institute and do the Family, Adventure, Project, Friend weekends monthly.
    • This is possibly the most experimental of the goals, with the idea being that once a month a weekend is dedicated to each of the categories. For example, this weekend is supposed to be “Adventure Weekend.” WE SHALL SEE.
  • Write Compassion kids monthly.
    • Historically, we’ve been really bad about writing our sponsored kids, so this year I want to change that.
  • Pray with Devin daily.
    • *GASP* You don’t already DO that? No, we’re terrible people. I mean, we pray daily, but not TOGETHER. I dunno why. Sometimes it feels weird? Whatever, no excuses. Also we haven’t been very good about this so far, but we’ve definitely seen a ~500% increase in the occurrence weekly. (Don’t judge me for turning this into a statistic. But we all are, so I guess go ahead.)

You can tell that some of these goals are SMARTer than others (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound), but I DO WHAT I WANT. Seriously though, when I do my mid-year analysis it’ll be interesting to see if I’ve done better or worse on the SMARTer goals. 😉


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