Favorite Books (I Read in): 2015

I managed to read twice what I read last year, which is a huge thing for me. Granted, it helps when you’re unemployed and avoiding any semblance of getting your life back together. But hey, at least I’m becoming well read (or something)! ;D

Since I have almost enough books to do this “favorite books of 2015” nonsense, I wanted to use this opportunity to avoid applying for jobs. It’s all about the greater goal.

Favorite History/Biography

For most normal people this would be an easy decision because who reads biographies? THIS PEOPLE, that’s who! Not really, I only read two and a half. The half being a business book, really, but it was in the style of a biography so I’m just confused. For the sake of my confusion I won’t include it in this section.




The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

This was actually really hard. A Cool and Lonely Courage was a fascinating piece of history and interesting people, but the author just…wasn’t awesome. Sorry, author. Also autobiographies always seem more fun to me because I imagine they’re slightly less historically accurate and slightly more fantastical imagination of how life happened. Also BF is just such a fascinating dude. SO YEAH. Congrats(?) Franklin, still winning things EVEN TODAY.

Favorite Career Book

Eesh this category. I read some REALLY good career books this past year before I fell into a pit of career despair. IF you have HALF as many problems as I do, you might want to read these yourself!


I feel a bit self conscious about these nominees because they’re both very “no duh” business books. But I think they are important reminders of the common sense we all forget, and they have some good practical advice for how to practice that common sense.



Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck

What I like about Jon Acuff isn’t that he’s some “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” (he’s actually none of those things), but that his stuff is just so much fun to read. As someone who has been accused of not even liking to read (YES YOU DID), that is super helpful. I also appreciate his humor, the fact that he’s made dumb choices, and that he continues to learn. SO YEAH.

Favorite Inspirational Book

Yes, this is code for another nonfiction section. It just isn’t fair that there aren’t a million nonfiction awards, because that’s what I like to read most. UGH. SUE ME. (Please don’t.) So what makes this one different? Ummmmmm they’re inspirational nonfiction? I DON’T KNOW I JUST WANTED ANOTHER CATEGORY.




The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion

This book is SO beautiful. I meant that literally…it is primarily gorgeous paintings of lessons, inspirational quotes, and practical tips. I can’t really explain what it is, you just have to journey through it yourself. I usually am not one for purely inspirational stuff, but this hit me in the feels.

Favorite Graphic Novel

If there’s one thing I did read a lot of, it was THESE. Picking one is just ridiculous. I originally had about a thousand nominees and I like them all for different reasons. But, since I already made multiple categories out of nonfiction I figured I wouldn’t do the same here as well. 😉




Avatar: The Last Airbender – Rift

I love all the Avatar series with an unreasonable passion. They’re just such a great extension of the show and continue to explore topics of environmental responsibility, culture clashes, religion…all while remaining fun. It’s my dream series let’s be real.

Favorite Sci-Fi Novel

This was the year of sci-fi in our household. Between watching SG1, reading/watching the Martian, Star Wars coming out (if you consider that sci-fi)…WE WERE SUPER SCI-FI-IN’. But none of those compare to my absolute and total love for the newly found (to us) Vorkosigan Saga. OH WOW WE ARE JUST HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THIS. So basically all the nominations would be from that, so let’s just skip that and go to the award.



Shards of Honor

I cannot even express all the things I love about this book. Characters, settings, creatures, situations, politics, it all makes my heart sing. THAT IS ALL.

Hope you enjoyed this, and feel free to share your favorite books of 2015 in the comments!


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